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A Private Westcountry Collection of Jade

31 Lot Collection

A private West Country single-owner collection of Chinese jade collected during the 1950s and 1960s.

A Chinese celadon jade circular box and cover, which forms part of this collection.

A Chinese celadon jade circular box and cover, which forms part of this collection.

Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood have been instructed to sell a private single-owner collection of Chinese jade built up, it is thought, in the 1950s and 1960s by a tea planter.

The collection was deposited in a bank vault in the 1970s were it has remained virtually undisturbed.

Sale Information

FS21: Two Day Fine Art Sale
Tuesday, 21st January 2014
Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Lots from the Collection

Lot FS21/725

Lot FS21/725: A Chinese Pale Celadon and Russet Flecked Jade Snuff Bottle

A Chinese pale celadon and russet flecked jade snuff bottle of flattened form, with jadeite mounted stopper and ivory spoon, 6.5cm [minor chips].

Estimate: £500 - £700
Realised: £500
Lot FS21/726

Lot FS21/726: A Chinese Carved Pale Celadon and Dark Brown Flecked Bi-blade Disc

A Chinese carved pale celadon and dark brown flecked bi-blade disc in archaic style, 155cm.

Estimate: £800 - £1,200
Realised: £1,100
Lot FS21/727

Lot FS21/727: A Chinese Pale Celadon Small Cup

A Chinese pale celadon small cup with russet inclusions, carved with a band of small bosses and two shou symbols, 18th/19th century, 7.5cm [flaw to footrim].

Estimate: £250 - £350
Realised: £820
Lot FS21/728

Lot FS21/728: A Small Chinese Bluish-grey Jade Box and Cover

A small Chinese bluish-grey jade box and cover the cover carved with a shou character within a ruyi-head border, 4.5cm diameter.

Estimate: £40 - £60
Realised: £170
Lot FS21/729

Lot FS21/729: A Chinese Spinach Jade Belt Buckle

A Chinese spinach jade belt buckle carved with a butterfly, the stone of dark green colour with lighter inclusions, 5cm wide.

Estimate: £60 - £100
Lot FS21/730

Lot FS21/730: A Small Chinese Jadeite Tripod Censer

A small Chinese jadeite tripod censer with flattened rim, the stone of mottled pale green/lilac colour, 5cm diameter.

Estimate: £30 - £50
Realised: £200
Lot FS21/731

Lot FS21/731: A Chinese Spinach Jade Paste Box and Cover

A Chinese spinach jade paste box and cover of plain circular form, the stone with black and grey inclusions, 6cm diameter.

Estimate: £30 - £50
Lot FS21/732

Lot FS21/732: A Chinese Carved Jade Blade

A Chinese carved jade blade of archaistic form, the stone of mottled celadon colour with grey and brown inclusions, 18cm.

Estimate: £200 - £300
Realised: £320
Lot FS21/733

Lot FS21/733: A Small Green and White Jade Circular Seal Paste Box

A small green and white jade circular seal paste box and cover, 20th century.

Estimate: £40 - £60
Lot FS21/734

Lot FS21/734: A Chinese Carved Jade Box and Cover

A Chinese carved jade box and cover of domed circular form with angled footrim, the cover carved with a chilong, the stone of pale celadon colour flecked with brown and grey, 7cm diameter.

Estimate: £120 - £180
Realised: £650
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